The Distillery

Our Foundation

In 2011 Adrian Panther set out with a simple idea: bring great spirits to Minnesota. Adrian Panther then partnered with Brett Grinager, Panther’s Master Distiller, and the dream became a reality. Adrian has always been an entrepreneur and whiskey aficionado. He decided to team up with the most talented individual he knew to distill his spirits, Brett Grinager. Brett learned the art of distilling from some of the most well respected distillers in the United States and brings a level of experience, ingenuity and creativity that cannot be matched.

Our Environment

Wherever you are, there you are…or so the saying goes. So we set up our distillery where we were–right in the heart of the pristine lake country of Osakis, Minnesota. And wouldn't you know, everything we’d ever need to make great tasting whiskey is right here. We can't think of a better place to do it. If you've ever been here, you'll know why. 

The water and air up here is as clean and as pure as it gets. So we use both to craft whiskey of the highest quality. The colder the better–it makes for ideal conditions to age our whiskey. Just one more perk of living in a state where the snowfall is measured in feet and a positive windchill is considered a heat wave.

Our Ingredients

A great whiskey starts with great ingredients. And fresh ingredients are always the best. Thankfully, we don’t have to look far to find fresh, locally grown yellow corn, red wheat, and red rye that we use in our mash. It’s so local, we can see where it’s grown from our distillery. It doesn't get more fresh than that. Not only do we source locally, but we see our product from Start to Finish as some of our Distillers grow the grain that goes into our spirits.  

Our Equipment

If you ask us, the most precious metal in the world is copper. Our three 500-gallon stills are crafted from American-made copper and are at the heart of our distillery. We’ve designed our entire building around them and continue to expand as needed to ensure we can bring you the greatest spirits you’ll ever taste.