Our Owner: Adrian Panther

Raise your glass to Adrian Panther, a true whiskey aficionado. He's searched all over Minnesota for original recipes of prohibition-era moonshiners and is dedicated to crafting the finest whiskey in the north woods of Minnesota.

Our Master Distiller: Brett Grinager

Meet Brett Grinager. He's a true blue rodeo cowboy. When he's not riding or roping, Brett oversees the operations at our distillery checking the mash, watching the fermentation, and making sure our distilled spirits are of the highest quality.


In 2011 Adrian Panther set out with a simple idea: bring great spirits to Minnesota. Adrian Panther then partnered with Brett Grinager, Panther’s Master Distiller, and the dream became a reality. Adrian has always been an entrepreneur and whiskey aficionado. He decided to team up with the most talented individual he knew to distill his spirits, Brett Grinager. Brett learned the art of distilling from some of the most well respected distillers in the United States and brings a level of experience, ingenuity and creativity that cannot be matched.

Generations of Craftsmanship

There's something about a first that leaves an impression all others measure up to. We're proud to be Minnesota's first legal whiskey distillery and we're dedicated to continuing Minnesota's heritage of exceptional distilled spirits that goes back to Prohibition. With a wealth of natural resources in our backyard, we can't think of a better place to make the finest tasting whiskey and spirits