The Team


ADRIAN & Pam PANTHER | the Owners

Adrian enjoys Pike Street Bourbon with one ice cube. Pam's favorite would have to be a Whiskey Sour made with our Minnesota 14. 

Brett Grinager Panther Distillery

BRETT GRINAGER | Master Distiller & General Manager

Brett's favorite drink is Spiked Apple on ice with ginger ale and a lime wheel that is slightly muddled in the bottom.   


Employee Photo-1-4.JPG

Sam Carter | Sales Manager

Sam's go-to drink is Minnesota 14 on the rocks. 

employee photo-4.jpg

Anthony noetzelman | head of commodities & Maintenance

Anthony's drink of choice is Minnesota 14 with Coke. A Northern twist on a classic drink. 

bob hagedorn panther distillery

Bob Hagedorn | Distiller

Bob's favorite product is Saint Paul Straight Bourbon and he drinks it neat. 

shenae morical panther distillery

Shenae morical | Gift Shop manager

Shenae loves Saint Paul Straight Bourbon with one ice cube. 

Mary | Distiller's Assistant

Mary's favorite product is Pike Street Bourbon and she likes it neat. 


liana lien panther distillery

Liana Lien | Office manager

Liana enjoys Spiked Apple with ginger ale & a lemon slice over ice; add a little bit of Minnesota 14 if you want to kick up the fun!

Tim Panther Distillery

Tim collins | commodities, maintenance and distiller's assistant

Tim's go-to drink is Pike Street on the rocks.